How Are We Sustainable?

At Blustudioz, one of our values is to practice sustainability. We practice this by sourcing the bulk of our materials secondhand, whether this is from charity shops, car boots or donated to us. This not only makes your pieces unique, but it is promoting circulation, something that is vital in the modern climate. 

The Issues With Fast Fashion Jewellery?

It is the same as fast fashion clothing, brands overproduce products with cheap materials that revolve around microtrends, these inevitably go out of fashion and get binned. The difference with us is that we take materials that would have been disposed of and left in landfill, and give them a new lease of life. The great thing about the way we source our materials is that charity shops get money when we raid their jewellery section, so it helps a multitude of people. 

Here are some more of the key issues with fast fashion jewellery and how we help to combat this.


Fast fashion brands produce an abnormal amount of items, paying their staff less than minimum wage, often in inhuman conditions. Everything we make is handmade, in the UK by us (Daisy and Danni) in a little room, often watching Mikes Mic and drinking herbal tea. We take time into making our products f*cking adorable, ensuring anything you buy is crafted with love.