About us

Who are we?

Founded by best friends Daisy and Danni in February, 2021. It began as a lockdown hobby, but it has since developed into so much more. We started off making basic pieces but as Blustudioz has evolved, it has turned into a movement for upcycling. From donations of unwanted accessories to raiding the charity shops, our collection of materials we use to make your one-off pieces are unmatched. 

Why Blustudioz?

At Blustudioz, our passion is to keep things in circulation, however we are aware that things can become outdated and simply unwanted. Our spin on unwanted materials is giving them a makeover, let's call it, accessory botox. Alongside the fact we make cool things, it also boosts your confidence and can make your outfit rotation game strong as f*ck! We are a fusion of confidence boosting pieces that also remain sustainable, check out our TikTok and Instagram for regular upcycling process videos and styling inspiration. 



Our Core Values

We try to keep our business simple by abiding by our core values. 

  • Practicing sustainability 
  • Encourage self-expression 
  • Educate and Inspire  

What makes us special?

We source the majority of our unique pendants and beads secondhand, taking items that would usually go to waste and repurposing them into something for everyone. With most of our pieces being one of a kind, it allows the wearer to feel more unique. From prices as low as £5, to more luxury pieces reaching higher, we want to cater to as many of you as possible. The students, the thrifters but also those who don't mind spending a bit more on individual, sustainable pieces. You will find something that is going to add a personal touch to your fashionable manifestation.

We try to use our ever-growing platform for the better by incorporating a percentage of our profits to charities, which can be found over on our Instagram. We have also created collections in collaboration with influencers that tie in with current issues. Our first example of this was the mermaid-inspired collection we made with Zoe Nash that donated part of our profits to The Ocean Conservation Trust. 

What are our next steps for Blu Studioz?

We want to expand our gorgeous, supportive community and help as many people as we can to express themselves with pieces that only they will have. 

We also want to use our safe space to help with the issues that are happening in the world, donating to relevant charities and spreading the word. 

Love Blustudioz x