How to Sustainably Stay on Trend This Summer

From dressing like you’re from H2O: Just Add Water or opting for the deliberate messy look, there are plenty of fashion trends circulating round this summer and we are here for all of them.

Why Should We Be Sustainably on Trend?

Whilst we love keeping up to date in terms of fashion, we must remember that there are ways to remain sustainable and not go straight to fast fashion sites. There are plenty of brands and sites that can give you those on-trend outfits without the slave labour and lack of environmental concern.

We are focusing our attention on sellers from the app finds, a secondhand marketplace app that allows people to treat themselves, without the eco-guilt. In each trend, we add outfit inspo taken from items from some of our favourite sellers on the app. We will name each sellers’ account so you can buy the items we add on this post (if they aren’t already sold, they’re reputable accounts).

In this post, we discuss four trends this summer, along with suggestions of where you can buy pieces that are eco-friendly, including our own up-cycled accessories that are mostly made from recycled pieces found in charity shops, car boot sales etc.

If you are still interested and don’t mind wearing secondhand pieces, continue to read on to find out how to sustainably stay on trend this summer.


When we think of grunge we sometimes reminisce on the type where individuals would rip their tights and wear a nirvana printed T-shirt without even knowing the song: smells like teen spirit. As this style develops, the general consensus suggests a distressed attire. The baggy t-shirt you borrow from your dad or boyfriend is in fact now in fashion, so although we don’t encourage theft, you may have to steal a few t-shirts from them to stay trendy this summer.

The modern grunge combines both the ‘clean girl’ slick hair, with the chaotic distressed hem, silver jewellery and gingham patterns. This year sets a new era for the punk rock fashion, an era with a polished finish.

We suggest buying from thrift stores (or your boyfriend) to be sustainable and match it with our upcycled statement necklaces, layered with our silver pendant strings. Pair your outfits with platform doc martens and you’re good to go. Our inspo is taken from @kaboclothing on the finds app for this trend. Finish the look with our basil necklace and faylinn earrings 

Y2K Denim

As the popularity of the ‘noughties’ continues, snippets of this fashion phase in and out all year. Denim is said to be in at the moment, specifically in the Y2K style. Low waisted denim and it’s ability to show off the female figure, specifically the “bottom of the back” as stated by fashion designer Sarah Burton, encourages the female gaze. It’s simple and stylish, showing off our figures in these summer months.

For those who don’t feel like low waisted is their style, no need to worry because the 2000’s denim trend isn’t reserved just for that. Denim maxi skirts are super in right now, add some tears or additions to it and you’ve got yourself some maximalism shit right there… which we can always vouch for.

Visit the finds app, you’ll be guaranteed to be swarmed with vintage pieces that fit this exact vibe I’m describing, you can also find our necklaces on their too! We have been inspired by @hottrampvintage on the app for that fun, Paris Hilton look. 
Pair these classic items with our moira necklace and zoe earrings


Silver’s back in town, the mysterious sheen finish that’s in between black and gold, it’s striking and subtle at the same time. It encompasses luxury without being pretentious and paired with some neutral dark colours, you can really stand out. I’ve seen a few people using silver star hair clips layered on top of a black headband and that’s the discreet glimmer of shine we can incorporate anywhere.

The versatile ingredient of silver in fashion makes a nice change from highly saturated colour that overrides the summer trends usually. Alongside the clothing, silver jewellery is taking lead in popularity, giving the wearer a bit of edge. We have a variety of silver accessories to add to your on-trend look, the individuality of our pieces make it just that bit better.

We have used @blairsvibe to match the silver linings we all need in our fits. This includes our verity and maisie necklace.

Mermaid core

Mermaid core is trending hard right now, the beachy shell-y look needn’t require fish scales, just a bluey, purple palette and some iridescence. Despite this ocean-centred trend resurfacing, it dates all the way back to the 1930’s when Vogue featured an aquatic inspired gown from Jean Patou.

Dressing correspondent to this style may include: halternecks, sequins and shell-like shimmers, not to mention ruffled skirts to replicate the ripples of the ocean. Wavy loose curls and delicate accessories add even more to this aquamarine and chic look, a mermaid without the tail.

Although, there may be an abundance of high street stores offering products that match the theme, there is much more originality and ethical value in the mermaid inspired items we can find secondhand. We use @caitlinhicks digital wardrobe for the mermaid vibes.

We have added our borak necklace and lillian earrings.

Where else can I get some sustainable on trend things?

We sell anything from earrings to bracelets to necklaces and they are nearly all made from recycled earrings. In terms of clothes and all the rest, visit a charity shop or use Depop. There is a stigma that being sustainable is expensive but in fact it can be cheaper and more original than some of the well known fast fashion brands. Shop our upcycled accessories on our website here.

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