5 Types of Girlies and What To Buy Them For Christmas

It can be quite overwhelming deciding what to get your friend or family members for Christmas. The friend who prefers sentimentality or the one who loves a brand, we have them all. BluStudioz tries to accommodate to as many of you as possible, that’s what we love about our community. Therefore, here are 5 types of girlies and some present ideas you can get them this festive season.

That girly

The friend who consistently wears a hair mask before each hair wash day and you wonder ‘how the f*ck do you have the organisation for that’. She always has her nails done and despite telling her, we’re only going for a coffee, she still looks good with her coordinated fit and pristine trainers. You can’t help but appreciate her dedication to the self-care grind. She accessorises perfectly and although you aspire to be her, you spend copious hours scrolling through Pinterest and very little time composing the outfits you favourite. Here are some gifts that tick every box.

The image above gives four perfect ideas for THAT girly. The far right picture is a Good squish scrunchie, with a slick back bun it is the perfect addition. The Perl cosmetics nourishing lash oil will obviously be applied every evening with her extensive skin care routine. Going to sleep with her overnight lip mask and lavender oil diffusing into her 4 walls will be bliss with the Damsen Madder PJ eye mask. Last but not least our very own Noel set will give that girly a coordinated jewellery set to go with her matching outfit.

The Tote Girly

The friend who unforgivably wears the eco-friendly tote bag everywhere they go, they usually take the bus to an independent coffee shop and order a macchiato with oat milk. Reading is their hobby, swiftly followed by regular charity shop hauls of old men’s sweaters that are deemed ‘vintage’. These friends make you feel safe and buying them a present feels like a thank you for their shared enjoyment of life’s small things. Gifts like these are all they’d want.

Every Tote girly is into two things… sustainability and fashion. The Vivienne Westwood catwalk book is a perfect coffee table book for her to pick up for inspiration when required. Going hand in hand is the In Print We Trust tote bag and our very own Carrina bag charm. Another timeless piece is the handmade oven mitt by My mum made it with a very Gen-Z quote that literally exclaims the tote girly’s morals.  

The Sentimental girly

The friend who has never chucked away a train ticket because it’s a ‘memory’ and finds comfort in the meaning of things, rather than the physicality of it. She has more memory boxes than she’s had hot dinners, and remembers your favourite cocktail from the summer vacation you went on 5 years ago. You can always rely on this friend and when it comes to Christmas, she puts thought into the gift she gives you rather than what looks the fanciest. Giving back to the sentimental girly means a lot if it holds a personal meaning, here are some gift ideas that will give her that just that.

The sentimental girly is the cutest of them all, she loves to read in bed which is why our Nella bookmark and reading journal go together like salt and pepper. Extend the coziness of this with the Daschund microwavable hottie. A custom necklace will probably make her cry because she know you have gone to the effort of choosing her favourite colours and shapes to make the perfect piece. 

The Adventurer girly

You best believe this friend has the urge to get on a flight and explore somewhere new multiple times a year. She is the first to suggest the beach in summer and the last to be out at the bar. She is wild, crazy and seeks new experiences, you can guarantee that when you are with her you will have fun. Although you sometimes wonder where on earth this energy for a constant stream of spontaneity comes from, it is refreshing to note she is living life to the fullest. This girly enjoys things that provide a function, to accompany her on these adventures, so gifts with practicality are perfect.

The adventurer always goes away, whether it’s in the same country or abroad. She takes luggage frequently which is why our Nadia bag charm and the Oliver Bonas makeup bag is perfect for the constant packing she does. As much as she loves flying, she doesn’t enjoy the breakouts and dry skin that comes back from it, this is why the Summer Fridays jet lag masque is needed, followed by wearing our Saffron hoops so she can still look hot on her night out in a random European bar.

The Academic girly

She stops at every stationary section in the store, despite having a pencil case full of pastel highlighters. Whilst you scroll through TikTok, this queen is on Duolingo learning how to say phrases in French that she will never need to use, you respect it still. Smart, preppy and prepared, her intelligence shines through when you catch her debating feminism, she knows her facts (she reads a lot). You best believe you can learn a thing or two from this friend and providing her with items that aid her natural desire to absorb new information, are crucial for her success.

This b*tch will be organised af, you best believe getting her a productivity planner is like putting a kid in a candy store. Of course with her new planner or for the endless books she reads, our Belle bookmark is essential. For the lessons, she loves using an iPad to keep all her work structured, the Casetify iPad cover provides protection but also aesthetic. Although education comes first, the academic girly does enjoy presenting well when she is learning, our Mary necklace goes with any outfit so she can look good without having to think about it.

We Hope We Helped 

We all know at least one of those girlies and it’s, at times, a struggle to know how to show your appreciation when you buy each other gifts at Christmas. We hope this guide has provided you with some insight into things that may provide a purpose to the great qualities your friends have. Enjoy the loving, gift giving, delicious season that Christmas is.

Merry Christmas babes x

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