5 Places Wearing a Statement Necklace is Totally Appropriate.

It’s 2023, and as the years progress I feel that making a statement is becoming more and more fashionable. Although we absolutely approve of the simple ways to accessorise, sometimes when expressing oneself through fashion, a bold necklace is all you need.

As I thought of ways to wear statement necklaces imaged below, I’ve attached scenarios to these outfits, to give life to the idea that this genre of accessory really can be applied to anything.

Along with the sustainability of fashion becoming increasingly prevalent, it may benefit to add that all our statement necklaces have been resurrected from old, unwanted items.

So sit back, grab a matcha and read through some ways that a necklace can carry so much more than just being a necklace.

Firstly, what is a statement necklace?

Unlike a simple chain, statement necklaces allow the wearer to invoke an emotion to their outfit. Self-expression is meant to hold emotion because it allows ourselves to show others the person we are and take pride in. We want to help encourage these emotions because *news alert* emotions are the in thing and they’re fucking great to feel.

Due to the secondhand materials we use to make these necklaces, it makes them very exclusive. The exclusivity of these bold pieces, gives you a sense of individuality.

A statement necklace to Blu Studioz is unique, bold and allows you to stand out from the crowd with even the most basic of outfits. With all that in mind, let me take you through some places that our statement necklaces are totally appropriate.

5 Places Wearing a Statement Necklace is Totally Appropriate.

1. Clubbing with friends

Picture this, it’s a Friday night…

You have just finished work and your bestie just called “Let’s go out tonight, be there for 9pm.”

As you agree, the excitement builds to share some regrettable tequilas (you don’t actually like the taste, but it’s cool to lick the salt and squeeze the lime) then, an anxiety builds up.. WTF do I wear?

You have worn the same outfit last time you saw this friend and although you have a wardrobe full of clothes, you only feel comfortable in a few of your things.

Firstly, it’s fine to repeat outfits because we are sustainable queens but if you want to spice it up, why not go for a statement necklace?

It gives a new zest to this outfit you started to get bored of and all of a sudden the confidence is back, along with that excitement for tequila.

“I love your necklace, where’s it from?” Your friend doesn’t even notice you’ve worn the same clothes, as she becomes hypnotised by the cluster of colour and individuality your outfit now brings.

“Blu Studioz,” You tell her.

“But they’re all one of a kind, so if you see one you like, then buy it before anyone else does.” You mean this, knowing how important it is to own something that gives you new life to that same comfortable outfit you repeat each Friday.

Buy the Pixie Necklace here.

2. Going to College or University

It’s 7:30am, you have already snoozed your alarm twice. You didn’t notice the time after you stumble downstairs to quickly grab some toast and make a coffee.

“Are you getting the bus?” Your organised friend says who always looks put together and simultaneously gets all her work done on time.

It’s tough trying to find the balance of wanting to stay in bed longer but wanting to look the part, because you feel in a weird way, you work better when you feel better.

Running upstairs in an annoyingly familiar rush you don’t have long to whip together an outfit.

You wish to plan some edgier outfits but a basic vest top and some flares it is. There’s up to 5 days you have to choose an outfit to wear, in a building full of teens with a pressure to look your best.

You don’t want to wear the stuff you really feel comfortable in like a mini skirt and corset because you are sat being taught what date the Russian revolution began or the classic debate of Nature vs. Nurture. It’s just simply not the place. So you have to learn to improvise, this is where accessories come in.

Having a few statement necklaces to rotate can give you that little summin’ summin’ to keep your outfits looking good without feeling uncomfortable. Whether it gives you a bit of colour to your neutral palette of tracksuits or shows other students that you like to express yourself through fashion, a statement piece opens that avenue with high convenience and low maintenance.

You make the bus and your friend goes “wow you look super cool today.”

You smile to yourself because despite wearing the plainest of outfits, your necklace gives it a whole new perception.

Buy the Nadia Necklace here.

 3. Festival Season

As summer has quickly approached, so has festival season. The long evenings with a beer in hand and the accompanying sounds of singing, laughing and moaning of how inhumane portaloos are, outfits are up there with the fun of a festival.

Fashion thrives during these seasons and there are entire collections of clothing tailored specifically for these events. Shimmer, bright colours and glitter can be quickly associated with the feminine expression found here and I feel it is a beauty in itself.

You are twirling your friend round as you dance like nobody’s watching despite hundreds of people surrounding you, but they’re all doing the same thing. Reflecting this happy, carefree energy that festivals possess, your outfit just levels you up even more.

Everyone’s wearing a flowy skirt and bikini top.. but you are wearing that with a statement, that’s what makes you different. Voices echo throughout the day asking where you got your necklace from, as they want to add personal articulation to their outfits, like you have.

“Visit Blu Studioz’ website, you’re bound to find the one that belongs to you” you say twirling them around with joy, joy that you found from accessories that completely resonate with you. 

Buy the Chayella Necklace here.

 4. Attending a Music Event

Whether you are going to a rave in a dark room illuminated by flashing lights and phone torches, or a cosy venue watching a live band with your arms rounds your friends, a nice outfit always excites me and can be a great way to make friends.

Choosing what to wear to a music event is determined massively by a multitude of things, but I think the genre and the crowd definitely have a part to play. You want your peers and the people you will be singing next to, to understand how much you appreciate this music and the type of person you are to listen to it. What if the best way to bond could be as easy as a statement necklace?

I’m not sure how the conversation goes with men making friends but as a female, my experience sometimes starts with:

“I love your top!” Then proceeds down a rabbit hole of discussions which may lead you to becoming friends with this person. Your initial connection? Fashion.

Maybe “I like your necklace” could be a much better conversation starter and one that can lead you to conversing about individuality and expression, something music also makes you feel.

I feel the right necklace can help you express yourself in a crowd of people who may also feel similar ways but they just haven’t found Blu Studioz yet. But that’s for you to introduce and damn will it feel good.

Buy the Maryam Necklace here.

 5. Going For a Beach Day

 When we go to the beach, as fun as it is to use a bikini to express your beachy, summery self, it’s inevitably not a lot to work with.

Now, there are a lot of amazing bikini brands out there, one of my favourites being Frankie’s Bikini’s, which give our limited ability for expression at the beach a chance. Don’t fear! This in fact leaves a lot of opportunity to give the limelight to your jewellery. Grab yourself a cute bikini and necklace and you are good to go (don’t forget sun cream!).

Imagine this, you are laying down with your friends and after trying to balance your internal temperature by going in the sea, to return back to the beach towel and repeating that cycle, you decide ice cream is probably the next shout.

“Shall we grab an ice cream?” You suggest, as all your friends jump to the idea like you just invented sliced bread.

You use that beach like it’s your catwalk because although it is filled with beautiful individuals showcasing their waterproof wear, you have a statement necklace that nobody else has and that feels better than any bikini.

Buy the Scarlet Necklace here.

Where to find these statement pieces?

Whilst we have only given you five scenarios and five corresponding outfit ideas, there are plenty more. We have put together outfits with each scenario and if you like the necklace, buy it before it goes as these are all one of a kind.

We truly believe it’s not always about the clothes when expressing yourself through fashion, but the accessories. Invoke that emotion, dance like nobody’s watching and enjoy all those moments with our statement necklaces: up-cycled and handmade with unwanted secondhand items.

Shop our statement necklaces here.

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